Tour Types

Below you can read how we define the different kind of tour types that you can choose between when you use the search function to find a qualified guide.

If you need help to decide which tour type is best for you or your group please contact The Association of Qualified Tourist Guides in Denmark by email at

Bus Tours

Travelling together in a larger group? Then a guided bus tour is probably the best solution. It gets you everywhere quickly and effortlessly and you still get all the good stories. Four wheels doesn’t have to be a bus, it can be a minibus, a car with a professional driver or even a limousine.

City Walks

Some places are just best explored on foot. On a walking tour you can get to those hidden alleyways that you might otherwise miss. Your guide is sure to know all of them. When you are out walking you also get to use all of your senses. Pick up the aromas from the food market, chill out to a bit of jazz or hang out in a park or waterside cafe and enjoy the famous joie de vivre of Copenhagen.

Bike Tours

Dane for a Day! Do like the Danes and bike all over the city. Your guide can take you further afield to discover off the beaten track spots. Many hotels have bicycles for rent – otherwise you guide will assist you. Using a helmet is not mandatory in Denmark but if you prefer it, you guide can help you get it.

Metro and Train Tours

Take the bus, metro or train in Copenhagen. Or use the train to cover a wider area of Denmark. If you have a Copenhagen Card public transportation is free within greater Copenhagen.

Tours of Denmark

Many guides are experienced tour leaders and will arrange tours around Denmark tailored to your wishes.


Many of us have teaching experience so if you are a visiting school or university class, we’re ready for you.


Do you prefer sailing? Send an email and we will help finding your maritime guide.

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