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How do I book a tour?
Contact one of us directly. If you need help, contact our office.
Find your guide here.

The guide isn’t replying – what should I do?
We always strive to be 100 % present with our guests. Some guides work long hours, some also work as guides abroad and even with modern technology, it can be hard to respond in proper time. If you feel you have waited too long, let the guide know and then contact another guide.
If you contacted our office, please note our office hours.

The guides

Can I talk directly to my guide?
Yes, you will find contact info for all of us here. Once you have booked out guide, you might set up a phone conversation. However, please be aware that many guides work long days – especially during high season – so it might be more efficient to send an e-mail.


Can I pay the guide in cash on the day of the tour?
Yes, you can pay your guide in cash before the beginning of your tour. You can also pre-pay via bank transfer (please note that any surcharges should be covered by you).

Am I able to share the cost with other travelers?
If you travel in a group, you can share the price. It is practical, however, if just one of you pays the guide. Discuss with your guide and please see terms and conditions here.

After I booked a tour, can I invite others to join in?
Sure, as long as you’re not more than 23 people on a walking tour and 15 on a bicycle tour. On a coach tour, the number of seats sets the limit, except when you want to visit a castle or museum – then the limit is 45. Check our prices and conditions here. And remember to discuss this with you guide!

What is your cancellation policy?
If you cancel more than 72 hours before the tour starts, no fee applies. In case of cancellations less than 72 hours prior to the start of the tour, a fee equal to a 3 hour tour must be paid to the guide.

How are tours priced?
We have a fixed fee for the first 3 hours of a bus tour or 2,5 hours of walking or bike tour. Any additional hours is charged on an hourly basis. See prices and condition here.

Sights & Tours

We are a big group and want a coach tour – is that possible?
Yes! We guide in coaches all the time. We do not, however, book the bus for you. Find your guide here.

I want a bespoke tour – what should I do?
Contact one of us directly – all our guides do bespoke or customized tours and can create a tour that meets your requirements and wishes. Please notice, that if your tour requires a lot of preparation, you guide may ask for compensation. Find your guide here.

I want a bike tour – what should I do?
Simply go to “Choose tour type” in the search bar and pick “Bike tour” and you will find those of us who love to tour on a bike.

I want a private tour – what should I do?
Contact one of us directly – all our guides do private tours. Find your private guide here.

Who do I contact regarding an itinerary?
We already have some tour suggestions ready for you – Copenhagen Highlights or North Zealand are examples – but you can also work on a bespoke tour with your guide once you have booked her or his services.

None of the listed tours match my dream tour – what should I do?
You are definitely in the right place! We all love to work with different tour designs. A good idea is to look at the topics, choose one and check out the guides. Do this a couple of times and if one guide keeps matching your interest that guide is probably your chosen storyteller!


Where do we meet our guide?
We will meet you wherever you are – your hotel, a station, the airport, a pier, another city – you name it. Just agree on a meeting point with you guide and be aware that if she or he has to travel far, there might be a supplement.

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