About us

Photo: ©Thomas Rousing

The website of The Association of Qualified Tourist Guides gives you the biggest collection in Denmark of qualified guides – right at your fingertips. Read here why you are sure to find a match for your tour requirements.


Since 1994, all our guides have had to obtain the Guide Diploma from Roskilde University to become a member. We have been studying history, cross cultural communication, tour design and of course contemporary Denmark.

Learn more about our education here (only in Danish).


Apart from our training and the experience we gain from guiding diverse tours every day, each guide comes to the association with previous work qualifications. We are teachers, actors, historians, lawyers, journalists, archeologists … We even have a farmer. And an opera singer.

Many of our members pursue their passions in winter time and when one says that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert, it is given that guides.dk presents you to experts in a vast array of areas. To name a few: Beer, botany, cabaret-singing, marathons, porcelain, ramparts, runes, shipping. This list could get very long, so just ask your guide.


To become a member, each guide has to pass a language exam on C1 level according to the Common European Framework for Language or be a native speaker. This exam serves as a quality-mark of your guide’s advanced language proficiency.

We have around 25 languages represented at the moment and most guides are multi-language speakers so we can help you out with a mixed group as well.

When you book a qualified tourist guide at guides.dk you can be sure that you get someone who is multi-lingual and who can provide you with a pleasant and information-packed experience.

Get the Local Experience

We are the locals! Often travelers want to blend in with the locals, see a local neighborhood, eat what the locals eat and spend time in conversation with someone who has lived here for a long time. That is exactly what we offer – that and a whole mental vault full of history and stories, off course.

We live in central Copenhagen or come in on a daily basis. We notice the new shop on this corner and make sure to try out the restaurant on that corner.  You can ask your guide for advice, explanation and recommendations for almost any subject.

Have it your way

When you search for your guide, you can get exactly the tour you want. We can guide on foot or on two wheels – in a coach, minibus or limousine – on a boat or on horseback. You can pick a set tour or ask your guide for a bespoke tour design. We do tours focusing on one era or person and you can also have a tour on a certain theme. Read more about different tour types here.

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