Green, Livable Copenhagen

Photo: Thomas Rousing

Are you interested in sustainability and quality of life? Or are you just curious to know why Danes are known for a green and good lifestyle? Join a qualified guide on a city walk through Copenhagen and experience how the Danes try and cope with the challenges of climate change and create good solutions for a green and livable city.

Copenhagen actively pursues its ambitious green political agenda and wishes to be CO2 neutral by 2025. Even though this has been the political vision for some time, in recent years the tremendous cost of two major storms with huge inundations, made the need for urgent and substantive action self-evident. This is about re-organizing a city in a sustainable way.

Green Copenhagen with all the bicycles is a nice city to live in

The tour through Copenhagen can be a city walk or bike ride, and your guide will tell you how Denmark works to make cities greener and more sustainable. And of course we will look at specific initiatives that definitely make the city more sustainable but also make it a nicer place to live.

You will hear about green initiatives for reducing pollution from cars by stimulating the use of bicycles. Your guide will introduce you to how energy consumption is lowered when buildings are made more efficient and how offices are cooled with cold water from the harbour. You will also hear about the district heating system that relies on waste incineration. While the Danish rules for new construction are very demanding in terms of energy and resource efficiency, the old buildings are also being renovated systematically, and definitely when owners change.

Guided tour in Copenhagen with a focus on sustainable solutions in urban space

Making Copenhagen green is also about making urban spaces nicer and more livable in everyday life. Simultaneously the urban spaces are designed as reservoirs to be used in case of floods. Former parking lots are turned into spaces for people and the harbour is cleaned up so that the waterfront and the sea become part of the living space, to be used for swimming or just the perfect backdrop for leisure.

The guided tour with a focus on green and sustainable Copenhagen aims to present a number of solutions to today’s climate challenges, solutions which have also made city life more attractive.

Together with your guide, it is obvious to visit, for example, the climate-proof Sankt Annæ Plads, Tåsinge Plads which is Copenhagen’s first climate-adapted urban space, Islands Brygge with harbour bath and green oases or Copenhagen’s new district Nordhavn. In Nordhavn, sustainability is a cornerstone of urban planning and has been thought of from the very beginning.

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