Copenhagen for Families

Travelling to Copenhagen with children? Your guide will assist you in finding the many options to keep them engaged and happy. And you are sure to get a glorious day where adults as well as children are well entertained. There is a reason most young families choose to stay in the city these days.

Families with small children will find a lot of exciting playgrounds in local neighbourhoods and in city parks. Ask you guide about the Towers Playground. It’s a hit with children because they can try and recognise some of the city’s towers.

One of the towers is the Round Tower. The old observatory in Copenhagen city is obvious to visit with children, all children adore the Round Tower. A visit can serve as a fun introduction to Copenhagen and your guide can tell the whole family about the rooftops, spires and city districts you can see from the top. Even the Øresund Bridge to Sweden can be seen.

Older children might enjoy a visit to the National Museum where you will find activities designed especially for children. Or maybe your family wants to visit Kid’s City at Danish Architecture Center (DAC) and experience architecture from children’s point of view with giant chairs and houses upside down.

An active tour with children in Copenhagen

Active play is an integrated part of many re-designed areas in the city. Your guide can take you to the trampolines or to the squares Superkilen where colours, water streams, and structures made for climbing is a guaranteed success with children.

On a guided tour with children in Copenhagen why not sail through the harbour and canals. Ask you guide for options, e.g. the a water bus that connects the city across the harbour. Sailing entertain the children and your guide can tell you about the mix of old and new along the harbour front.

Experiences for children and adults outside Copenhagen

Have you had enough of history or city bustle you can visit the biggest aquarium in Northern Europe, Den blå Planet, or the Zoo or one of the urban beaches in the city.

The next day, you could head north out of the city for a visit to Louisiana, Museum of Modern Art. In the children’s wing your children can join the daily workshops to paint, draw or sculpt, which inspires them to experience art in their own way.

The guided tours in Copenhagen for families have many variations. Let your guide help you plan the tour in Copenhagen that suits your family the best.

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