Architecture and Design

Danish design is justly famous and Danish architects are creating buildings all over the world. Let a qualified guide show you some of the finest examples of design and architecture. Your guide can explain about the social and cultural developments that inspired many of the designers.

Denmark has been a leading nation in design throughout modernity. Did you by the way know that the Round Chair which was used in the televised presidential debates between Nixon and Kennedy in 1960 was designed by Danish Hans Wegner? Since then, it has been known simply as “The Chair” in USA.

Whether you are interested in ceramics, clothes, porcelain, silver or even radiator thermostats, there is something for you to discover on a guided tour about design. Obviously, since all Scandinavians are obsessed with light, there is also a whole cat walk of lamps to admire.

Do you want to see classic or contemporary design and architecture on your guided tour?

If you are interested in the traditions of Danish design you should visit the Royal Copenhagen shop on your guided tour. Your guide will tell you about this company’s 240 years of producing porcelain for fine dining. Afterwards, you could sightsee some neo-classical architecture which the old quarter has in abundance.

If you want to see contemporary architecture your guide will take you to the Copenhagen waterfront. Or how about a visit to the Ørestad district to see new and daring architecture, some of it designed by the Danish architect Bjarke Ingels and his design studio BIG.

Other examples of interesting architecture are to be found at the aquarium Den blå Planet, in the Zoo and at the M/S Maritime Museum in Elsinore. If you want the bohemian version, try Christiania on your guided tour.

Interested in taking a piece of it home with you? You could ask your guide to take you to the Hay shop where you can browse the latest in interior design.

Experience more design in museums

Regardless of which way you lean, asking your guide to take you to Design Museum Denmark is a great idea. This is the largest exhibition of its type in Denmark and includes all the heavyweights in the Danish design history and your qualified guide can tell you about them. Take a break in the café, enjoy eating from and sitting on Danish design!

If you want to extend your guided design tour and go out of the city, you guide can take you to Ordrupgaard to see the original house of world-famous Danish architect and designer Finn Juhl.

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