City Districts and Neighborhoods

Do you want to see more of Copenhagen than just the city center? You can book a guided tour where your guide will take you to one or more of Copenhagen’s neighborhoods. Here you meet the locals and see how diverse the Danish capital is.

Until the middle of the 19th century Copenhagen was a small city surrounded by ramparts. But when the ramparts were torn down new neighborhoods sprang up around the old city and more have since been added.

Experience Nørrebro, Ørestad, Nordhavn or another district on a guided tour

Your guide can take you to one or more of the Copenhagen districts and tell you about their characteristics and about the development of the city. Get inspiration below on which parts of Copenhagen to visit on a guided tour with a qualified guide.


Vesterbro starts just behind Copenhagen Central Station and it is an old working-class neighborhood that has been renovated and is hip. Here you will find, among other things, Kødbyen with many restaurants and cool bars. On the outskirts of Vesterbro is Carlsberg Byen, a brand new neighborhood built where the world-famous Carlsberg beers were previously produced. The Visit Carlsberg visitor center is also located here.


Must-sees in Nørrebro are the most famous cemetery in Denmark, Assistens Cemetery with fairy-tale writer Hans Christian Andersen’s grave, and Superkilen, a very special urban space created by, among others, the design studio Bjarke Ingels Group. In Nørrebro you can also experience the laid-back, multicultural and vibrant neighborhood with cafés, restaurants, wine bars and exciting shops in the side streets – all of that has made Nørrebro the darling of travel magazines.


Ørestad is a newer neighborhood in Copenhagen characterized by modern architecture and two of the area’s buildings, The Mountain and The Eight-House, have won the award as the world’s best housing. Ørestad is too the greenest area of Copenhagen as one third of the district is made up of parks or wildlife area.


Northern Europe’s largest urban development project is on the way in Copenhagen’s old free port. Experience old and new architecture in a creative mix in the sustainable and energy-conscious district of Nordhavn. And visit the internationally award-winning exercise space Lüders – on top of an 8-storey car park with a fantastic view of Copenhagen.


For centuries, the romantic garden Frederiksberg Have has been a favorite destination for Copenhageners on outings. Experience the park with the fine royal chateau, or the Zoo right next door. In Frederiksberg you will also find the underground exhibition space Cisterne in an old water reservoir. Or how about a visit to Værnedamsvej, the street with the French touch and many cafes and shopping opportunities.


The green and family-friendly neighborhood with cozy cafes and unique shops. In Østerbro you will find fashionable multi-storey properties and Denmark’s oldest residential area, but also one of the green lungs of the city Fælledparken with Denmark’s second largest skate park and the exciting Towers Playground. Visit Tåsinge Plads too, Copenhagen’s first climate-adapted urban space.

A guided tour of Copenhagen’s districts adapted to your interests

The descriptions above are samples of the characteristics of the different districts in Copenhagen. Let your guide plan a city walk, a bike ride or perhaps a guided tour where you use the metro or bus, and experience much more in one or more of the Copenhagen neighborhoods. Your qualified guide can customize the experiences to suit your interests and your schedule.

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