Design Your Own Tour

Do you have special wishes for experiences in Copenhagen, or do you dream of a guided tour to other parts of Denmark? We can help you. As qualified guides we have extensive experience in designing tailor-made guided tours according to your wishes and interests. 

Maybe you want to see the Danish countryside or explore the long spectacular beaches of Jutland. Do you want to travel along the tiny winding roads and quaint villages of Funen? Or do you want to do something really special in Copenhagen and not just see the highlights?

Whatever your wishes for a guided tour are, you are always better off asking a local qualified guide for assistance in organizing your tour, because we know Denmark.

Let a qualified guide plan a guided tour of Denmark according to your wishes

Your qualified guide can help you plan all kinds of tours, tours that last 3 hours and those that last 3 days. Maybe you already have ideas for your guided tour in Denmark. Otherwise, take a look at our tour suggestions in Greater Copenhagen or the suggestions below for longer tours out of Copenhagen.

Inspiration for guided tours in Jutland

  • Bring your kids and visit Legoland (Billund).
  • Visit the art museum ARoS or the historical museum Moesgaard (Aarhus).
  • Drive along the wild West Coast with its surfers’ dream at ’Cold Hawaii’ (Klitmøller).
  • Visit Skagen, the famous beach resort town on the very northern tip of Denmark.
  • Experience Ribe, the oldest town in Denmark, with its impressive cathedral and medieval center.

Inspiration for guided tours on Funen

  • Visit Odense, the birthplace of the famous fairy-tale writer Hans Christian Andersen.
  • Experience the manor Egeskov Castle, a well-preserved and lively stronghold from 1554 (Kværndrup).
  • Experience the countryside of Funen with its quaint old villages and small fishing towns. You need a car or bus for this tour.

Inspiration for guided tours on Zealand

  • Visit Roskilde Cathedral (UNESCO World Heritage) or The Viking Ship Museum (Roskilde).
  • Enjoy the view from the architect-designed, hour-glass shaped and 45 m high The Forest Tower, Skovtårnet in Danish (Rønnede).
  • Go to Stevns Klint (UNESCO World Heritage), and experience traces from the time dinosaurs became extinct (Højerup).

This is just a selection of what you can experience on tours with a qualified guide in different parts of Denmark. Use the search function below to find your guide, or contact us and we will help you find a guide.

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Find more tour suggestions

We have many suggestions for you for guided tours in Copenhagen and other parts of Denmark. Do you want to visit the highlights of Copenhagen? Are you interested in architecture? Or sustainability? Are you travelling with children? Take a look at our tour suggestions, they might be right for you. If not, one of our guides can always customize a guided tour for you.