Vivi Jensen

Welcome to a good story spiced with joy and genuine engagement.

I have a long career in the travel industry, so I am highly service oriented, and I know how to create a delightful and safe experience from start to finish in a relaxed atmosphere.

I have supplemented my professional education and careers with a Tourist Guide education at Roskilde University in 2011.

I grew up in several areas of Copenhagen. Vesterbro, where I had my early childhood, has a special place in my heart, but also the classic Copenhagen, containing our history dating back to the 11th century, is of extreme interest.

The green Copenhagen will be an exciting challenge in the coming years towards 2030 and later 2050. Stay tuned to get an insight into plans and projects.

Each of the three magnificent castles in North Zealand, Frederiksborg, Fredensborg, and Kronborg Castle, has its  own fascinating history, and is well worth a visit.

Our neighbor country, Sweden, also fascinates me. It is truly amazing that two countries that have been so closely linked for hundreds of years exhibit such deep contrasts in their ways of thinking and living.

Welcome! I look forward to meeting you.

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