Jørgen Spo Madsen

Needless to say, I am very interested in history and have studied it for many years and have a broad knowledge about Danish society. History is the answer to why things are as they are, why the Danes are as we are, how Denmark became this small country, and perhaps why we are among the happiest people in the world.

I love to tell people stories about Copenhagen, Denmark, Danish history and everyday life, and I always do it in an entertaining and humorous way so it doesn’t get boring.

I am an official tour guide with a tour guide diploma from the University of Roskilde. Since 2016, I have worked first as a tour guide in a small tourist company, now as a professional freelance guide, guiding at many different sights both in and outside Copenhagen. Guided places include: city of Copenhagen, Rosenborg castle, Christiansborg castle, Amalienborg palace, the little mermaid, city of Roskilde, Roskilde cathedral, the Viking Ship museum, Frederiksborg castle (in Hillerød), and Kronborg castle (in Elsinore).

Originally, I have a master’s degree in translation and have worked as a self-employed technical translator for 25 years, now mostly during the winter months.

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