Jørn P. Madsen

I present Copenhagens history, architecture, sights, museum, churches etc.

Denmark can offer  a great deal of inspiration in the lines of green tecnology, urban planning and public social service. Denmark is a democratic state with a well developed welfare system and is a country, which focuses on environmental, sustainable solutions on all levels and areas.

Danish Design and architecture is well-known and respected all over the world and the New Nordic Kitschen is also famous.

I offer scanty guided tours throughout Copenhagen and Greater Copenhagen based on several themes:

  • The welfare state
  • The political system
  • The welfare state
  • Urban planning
  • Architecture
  • Danish Design
  • The modern Denmark


I am a fully trained Construction Architect from  Highscool of Building in Copenhagen. I have been employé in the Scandinavian building Company NCC Construction in Denmark and as design advisor for Kuben Management. I am also extern teacher and examaminer at KEA in Copenhagen

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