Iben Danielsen

I am a guide of joy. I enjoy showing the city and telling the stories. Every time I want to put perspective in to the history, To show the development and the people who have populated and given the city its unik character.

As a storyteller, I want to move my guests just a little bit with enlightenment, quirks or a laugh.

My background is the journalist, and from there I have the story with me, the research and the details that set my thoughts in motion.

In 2010 I moved back to Copenhagen, and every morning I pass the little mermaid on my dogtrips. So maybe it was the little freezing sad woman who set me on a new challenge as a guide. At least I think she needs the good story!

I graduated as a guide from RUC in 2016 and it was so exciting. I work for and with Copenhagen This Way. One of my specialties is Greenland in Copenhagen. But I am constantly developing new tours, among other things in collaboration with Copenhagen This Way.


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