Helle Mortensen

Let us join a tour together either on foot, bike, boat or/and by public transport. Are you into sustainability, roof top gardens, recycling and burning garbage to get central heating please book me. You decide the theme and pace.
I also enjoy the touristic tours with the highlights of HC Andersen’s Copenhagen, Tivoli, the little Mermaid, the city in the middle ages and the old castles and churches which have been here for centuries.
I was born in Copenhagen but now reside in Roskilde which was the Capital of Denmark during the Viking age. Roskilde is the home of the Roskilde Cathedral on UNESCO list of World heritage. A shortcut from Roskilde is the “land of saga” with a new construction of a king’s castle from a 1,000 years ago.
Have you got a sweet tooth I can show you the best places to purchase ice cream, cakes, homemade chocolate or by hunger smørrebrød – open sandwiches.
In my spare time I enjoy being with my family and friends, sewing, yoga, read, listen to music, horse riding or kayaking.
I was educated at the Municipality of Roskilde and I am also the registrar a job with happy people always. I guide in Danish, Swedish or English.

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