Anne Holst Thorsner

Get a fun, insightful and factual narrative on Copenhagen, Denmark and the Danes.

I love history! In it I find the stories that explain who we are. Looking at e.g. our art, architecture and design gives insight to our lives, perceptions of a good life, worldview, customs and quirks. Add in impressions of social science, politics, economics, education, welfare … and sometimes the odd anecdote, and you have me well fired up!

At 11, I wanted to study archeology, at 15, social and political sciences, and at 19, sociology, but after two years abroad (London and Paris) I at first went for a BA in business languages, and then, as a way to neatly gather all my varied interests, I studied at Roskilde University to be a guide. 

Soon, summers where spent guiding and winters saw me work temp jobs in some of the most successful businesses, companies, public and private organisations. That led to jobs in first the Nordic Council Secretariat and later the trade organisation for maritime industry, Danish Maritime. These days, it is IKEA that I work for when not guiding. So, my interests and experiences are varied and that is reflected in my tours!

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