Anders Aaman Anderskov

I have a background as an actor and have lived in Copenhagen for the past 25 years and know the city’s small breathing holes and crooked street. I have a great knowledge of the city, how life was in the old days and what the city is today in 2024. What’s happening and where to find the good places, for food experiences, entertainment and the city’s hidden secrets.

Life as a guide and actor has many similarities, it is all about conveying the good story. I love to tell stories, and give my guests a special and unique experience. For me, storytelling, humor and the little extra are something I value highly on my tours.

I guide my guests either on foot, bicycle, bus, or even a run and I can always adapt the tours as needed.

With me as your guide, you get a unique experience, and not just the boring and predictable experiences around in the city. I have a huge network and know people and places around the city and this has often opens the doors, to different experiences that you would not have found on your own. Don’t hesitate to contact me. I promise to arrange an unforgettable tour for you and your group.


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